A long time ago, in a (fictional) galaxy far, far away, Speeder Bikes hovered over the grounds the Imperial Army ruled. Fortunately in the real world, we’re not under the rule of the Imperial Army but that also means we don’t get to see this cool “bike” as seen in Star Wars.

Of course, the folks at Vintage Works didn’t let fiction get in the way of building their own Speeder Bike.


What you see here is a fully functional Speeder Bike as seen in the iconic film series. Unfortunately, the limitations of real life means that it does not have the ability to fly not the ability to break through Endor-like forests at breakneck speeds. It does have the movie bike’s unique body, as well as a pair of miniguns just like the ones that initially terrorized the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi.

As mentioned above, it is a functional one-off. The Speeder Bike’s handlebars has two functions, namely to steer and to control the flaps on the front. To make the Speeder Bike motorcycle feel more authentic, they fitted it with a sound system producing the same distinctive sounds from the film.

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