Guerlain Chicherit almost beat Tanner Foust’s 100 meter world record car jump at the French ski resort of Tignes. The French rally driver was on board a specially modified MINI Countryman in a world record practice car jump of 110 meters, but the attempt resulted a massive crash. At the beginning, everything seemed to be in the right place and the odds of having a successful jump was huge. His car approached the landing ramp in nosedive resulting in a crash as it flipped several times.

The crash was horrific, but Chicherit still managed to exit the car and reported to have only minor injuries. Despite the incident, the daredevil spirit inside of the Frenchman wasn’t bothered as he plans to attempt the world record car jump once again.

The French stunt driver successfully performed a backflip with a MINI Countryman February of last year in the same ski resort.

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