Fog. We rarely encounter it here but it’s an ever present threat in Europe and in the colder parts of the US. It’s a pretty scary prospect driving in low visibility because of heavy rain, more so when clouds touch the ground.

In Slovenia, heavy fog resulted in the worst pileup in the country’s history.

With visibility down to just three to four car lengths, motorists over their did best to negotiate a tricky bit of road but with everyone being unable to see far ahead, the inevitable was bound to happen.

If we were to follow the dashcam’s time stamp, this incident happened last January 30. What you are about to see is a 70 car wreck happening in its early stages. Some motorists, like the one recording the event unfold, were able to slow down in time. The others however were not as lucky, adding to the tally of totaled cars on the highway.

When the fog cleared, Slovenian authorities said that the pileup led to the deaths of four people and many more injured.

While the dashcam footage only shows what was happening ahead, one will hear the distinct sound of tire squeal and metal crunching in the background.

Note: Viewer discretion is advised

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