As much as Final Fantasy is a wonderful series of games, hardly anything can be said about the highly acclaimed video game franchise when it comes to automobiles. Interestingly enough though the next installment of the game, Final Fantasy XV (FFXV), is set in a modernized world with gadgets, firearms, and – most importantly – cars. Not to be outdone by just making a purely fictional vehicle, the folks from Square Enix have teamed up with Audi to create an R8 that is reimagined for the Final Fantasy universe – and it’s now for sale.


The car is dubbed the “Audi R8 Star Of Lucis” and was last featured in Kingsglaive, FFXV’s prequel film. Based off an R8 V10 Plus, the Star Of Lucis bears several design cues that separate it from standard fare. The R8’s signature carbon fiber ducting as well as it’s rear wing now has an intricrate metallic floral design adorned on top of the weave. Trim pieces on the front and rear vents are also dressed in the same fashion. The most striking difference that sets the Star Of Lucis apart however is its wheels; The spokes appear to be shaped after the edge of a glaive pointed inwards towards the hub. While this may be too striking for a daily driver, surely that design cue fits the Final Fantasy theme like a glove.


The one-off Audi R8 Star Of Lucis will be sold at a staggering 50,000,015 Yen ($469,256) during the launch of Final Fantasy XV in Japan later this month. Aside from having the funds to purchase it though, the buyer will be selected via a raffle draw during the launch.

Hit the clip below to view the trailer for the fancy FF Audi:

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