There are two kinds of people that watch Superbowl; those that watch it for the sport, and those that only watch it for the epic commercials.

There have been many memorable commercials presented by automakers that range from comedic antics, to something really awesome. As the clock winds down towards the 2016 Superbowl, we list down some of the best commercials that are equally as epic as the game itself.

1.)Volkswagen’s The Force (2011) – Who could forget this young kid that just wanted to use The Force? Already feeling down from his early attempts, he was able to start their Passat with the Force…with a little help from his dad.

2.)Toyota Tacoma World of Warcraft (2007) – We can already sense that confused look, a Toyota in the World of Warcraft is not your typical ‘companion’. The player that uses the Tacoma pickup doesn’t just ride it into battle, he uses it as his main weapon to slay a boss.

3.)Kia Optima Matrix (2014) – Neo (Keanu Reeves) doesn’t make an appearance here, but Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) does. He advises and guides a lovely couple to what ‘new luxury’ really means with the K900.

4.)Matthew’s Day off with Honda (2013) – Matthew Broderick, more famously know as the character Ferris Bueller from his breakthrough movie, recreates his ‘day off’ with a CR-V in the 2013 Superbowl.

5.)Jaguar’s It’s Good To Be Bad (2014) – British actors known for portraying villains in movies, band together and star in this Superbowl ad that shows why ‘It’s Good To Be Bad’. Allow Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong and Sir Ben Kingsley to explain why.

The 2016 SuperBowl is bound to bring new auto commercials that will leave a lasting impression for both sports fans and car guys/gals. Check back with us as we wrap up the best car ads of Superbowl 50.

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