Senna versus Prost. Vettel versus Webber. Alonso versus Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton finds himself in yet another squabble with a team mate, this time, with Nico Rosberg.

There’s no question the Mercedes-AMG team have been dominant all season, with Hamilton leading the charge and Rosberg playing second fiddle to the now three time champ. Lewis capped off the racing weekend with a win in Austin and the 2015 World Driver’s Champion, much to the frustration of Rosberg.

The source of Rosberg’s frustration? Hamilton’s punt to Rosberg on the first lap at the first corner. The little push forced Rosberg to go wide, forcing him to fight his way back to the lead which used up his tires towards the end of the race.

Needless to say, Rosberg was “not in the mood to party” after the “little” brush up on the opening lap. Then again, who wouldn’t be a little annoyed after your team mate punts you out of the way?

Of course, this wasn’t the first time the Mercedes-AMG drivers have clipped each other. Rosberg came in too hot trying to overtake Lewis in last year’s Belgian Grand Prix, causing the latter to get a puncture. Will this be the start of a bitter rivalry between the two? All we know is, the pair have added themselves to a long line of team mates squabbling.

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