Sumo wrestlers simply stand out in any setting but sumo wrestlers demoing automotive safety technology is a spectacle all of its own.

People in Hollywood were astounded when seven sumo wrestlers started running around the streets à la automobiles while showcasing, in sumo-style, the newly launched Toyota Safety Sense featuring – Pre-collision system, Lane Departure Alert, Radar Cruise Control and Automatic High Beam.

The ad tries as much as it can to relate each Toyota Safety Sense feature to sumo moves but even if some ideas are too much of a stretch, it doesn’t fail to entertain.

Pre-collision system

Cheerleaders are coming out of a corner right as the sumo wrestlers come bursting into the intersection. In order to avoid a collision, the sumo wrestlers use the ‘sundomari’ technique allowing them to stop on a dime preventing an accident.

This demo shows how not just one Pre-collision system-equipped Toyota vehicle can do, but how a whole line of Toyotas using this safety technology can stop safely in succession.

Lane Departure Alert

As the sumo wrestlers veer off-course, having been distracted by a billboard, they use the ‘hikimodoshi’ technique to get back on track and in the middle of their lane.

This demo shows how Toyota’s Lane Departure Alert will warn the driver they their vehicle starts to swerve to the road lines of the other lane.

Radar Cruise Control

Using a conga line as an example, the sumo wrestlers move forward while trying to maintain a fixed distance between each one.

This is achieved by using the ‘oimawashi’, which is similar to the Toyota Radar Cruise Control.

A Toyota vehicle with this feature senses and responds to the proximity and speed of vehicles ahead of it. It can also do this while merging into another lane.

Automatic High Beam

Maneuvering even at night is a cinch for sumo wrestlers who know the ‘mitsukedashi’ technique, which allows them to achieve ‘omoiyari.’

This combo move’s Toyota equivalent is the Automatic High Beam. It automatically lowers the headlamps when it detects approaching vehicles to prevent the bright lights from temporarily blinding oncoming traffic while allowing the driver to maintain concentration on the road ahead.

Toyota Safety Sense has made its debut on the Japanese market Corolla last April but will soon be available in more Toyota models including the Auris, Avensis, Prius and RAV4.

Just like the sumo wrestler’s techniques that ensure the perfection of their art, Toyota is dedicated to reducing road accidents to zero. They may not be there yet, but they’re on the way, one funny and effective safety feature at a time.

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