Stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire? If ever you’re in the Arctic Circle or South Pole, Lexus’ new ice wheels may just come in handy.

After coming up with a drivable all-electric carboard IS last October, Lexus now surprises us with an ice-cold NX that comes with wheels handcrafted from ice. Recreating wheels with ice was no easy feat as the company took less than 3 months to complete research, design and testing.

Tasked with the job was Hamilton Ice Sculptors. With the help of laser scanning, computer-aided design and mathematical equations, the company was able to come up with the finished product.

Lexus Ice 2

To make sure the wheels supported the weight of the NX, acrylic inserts were added to the ice wheels to ensure its integrity.

Check out the wickedly-cool NX in motion with the ice wheels, along with a video that shows how it was made.

Lexus NX ice wheels in action:

The making of the ice wheels:

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