With cars getting more and more technologically advanced, it will not be a surprise that cars of the future will one day drive themselves. This however also spells trouble as cars with self-driving tech can also be hacked and manipulated by individuals with bad intent.

Fret not however, as what you are about to see is an exercise by researchers from Keen Security Lab, a tech & security firm that exploits security loopholes via hacking. According to them, they were able to gain access to the car’s controller area network (Tesla’s CAN bus) due to security flaws that can be exploited.

In fact, they were able to apply the brakes, open the trunk lid, open the sunroof and even control the infotainment system from nearly 20 km away.

As of this writing, Keen Labs Security has since reported the flaws to Tesla and have since been fixed to avoid future hacking problems.

See the video below and check out how were they able to remote control the Tesla Model S

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