There are many dangers that lurk in provincial roads. These roads are usually just one lane wide in each direction and sometimes still littered with badly parked cars on the side. This makes overtaking a very risky move, especially when trying to go past a truck. Trucks cover a large field of vision, putting the motorists behind at risk if one plans to overtake them. The risks are even higher once the sun goes down. Overtaking trucks are night usually involve flooring the gas pedal and three Hail Marys. Tech giant Samsung has shown the world it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Meet Samsung’s Safety Truck and it appears it can lessen the risk of overtaking by giving the motorist behind a wider range of sight. The Safety Truck is equipped with cameras mounted in the truck’s front bumper which then feeds the view through four screens at the back of the trailer. This gives drivers a clear view of what’s ahead and make safer decisions when overtaking. The system also works at night thanks to a night vision mode, reducing the danger factor even further.

Samsung blog

Samsung has implemented this system in Argentina where most roads are only one lane on each side. With 80% of fatal accidents occurring on those kinds of roads, Samsung has helped a lot of Argentinians by reducing the risk of a head on collision by giving their motorists a way of looking ahead without putting the themselves in danger.

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