Rally video games are boasting of some exceptional realism these days, with its built in tracks based on real-life stages. The latest game to wow rally fans is Codemasters’ Dirt Rally, available for the PC. Just how close is it to the real thing? Will Orders, 2011 Australian Junior Rally Champ, put it to the test in an amazing rig designed by FY Racing.

DiRT Rally boasts of 17 Cars (more to be added), 36 Stages (including Wales, Greece and the legendary Monte Carlo rally), Simulation handling (based on a physics model that takes into account various surfaces and limited slip differentials), Team Management, and League Support.

Will isn’t just savvy with small JWRC cars. He’s also piloted a 400 horsepower Nissan Silvia rally car at the 2013 Scouts Rally of South Australia. He has over 100 rallies under his belt and victories in both Australia and the United States.

In the video, Will takes a Ford Fiesta WRC through Stage 1, Bidno Moorland of the Wales Rally at ridiculous speed, suffering with nothing more than a quick off-track incident. If you have a copy of the game, try beating his time of 3:05.742.

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