Did you ever think Ford and Konami’s blockbuster video game had anything in common? Neither did we. But somehow the Blue Oval have partnered with the Japanese game maker for a pair of ads featuring the Focus and the Fusion. With the cars plugged into the game’s renowned scenes, somehow the clips add to that odd charm Metal Gear Solid (MGS) has long been known for.

The first among the pair of ads features the game’s signature CODEC message scenes where the game’s protagonist, Solid Snake (voiced by David Hayter), would often be briefed of his mission by his commanding officer, Colonel Campbell (Voiced by Paul Eiding). Complete with the full monotone green backdrop, split moving facial portaits, and various other nods to the game’s story, the piece looks like a cutscene straight out of the game from 1998. In this stint however, Campbell instead briefs Snake about the new Ford Focus SE to be used on his next mission.

The next clip highlights the Ford Fusion through one of the game’s infamous boss fights with a powerful psychic called Psycho Mantis. Supposedly capable of reading the player’s memory card – thus acting as a ‘mind reader’ and breaking the fourth wall – Mantis instead proceeds to read Snake’s mind, which is filled with nothing but thoughts about the new Ford Fusion.

For as much as these ads are strange, its quite interesting to see that manufacturers also recognize that their current market might probably see these video games as equally nostalgic as old films.

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