Do you believe in divine intervention? For witnesses and first responders in this fiery crash reported on CNN in Tennessee, they may have become believers.

When a man was driving along the 385 freeway in Memphis was suddenly sideswiped and lost control of his Cherokee, he slammed into a pole which then led to the car bursting in flames. Motorists along the freeway stopped and made their best attempts to pull the man out of the wreck. The man was freed after a brief struggle and the motorists were able to rescue the driver just before the Jeep was totally consumed by the flames. The driver survived relatively unscathed from the crash and was brought to the hospital with minor injuries.

When first responders were able to put out the fire, they found another item that also survived the wreck: A Bible sitting in what remained of the front passenger seat.

Don’t believe it? Check out the video below from WISH-TV.

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