Ten years have passed since we first heard of then newcomer, Lightning McQueen and his team from Radiator Springs. Over the course of ten years however, there has been a lot of significant technological changes that has happened, along with people growing older as years pass by. That said, it seems as though Lightning is being left behind both technologically and age wise, in the upcoming Cars 3.

As seen in the trailer, the other cars in the field are newer and sleeker, compared to Lightning. He then seems to be losing his edge especially against the fastest among the new comers, Jackson Storm. Because of this, Lightning is suddenly pushed out of the sport he loves. This comes to no surprise as ten years can change a lot of things, especially in technology. As for lighting it seems as though he’s just gotten left behind.

To get back into the game, Lightning turns to a young race technician and inspiration from the late Hudson Hornet, along with help from his friends over at Radiator Springs. Lightning’s here to prove that the he isn’t done yet, and he’s got one last chance to do it. Will he be able to do it? Watch the trailer here.

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