Lexus might be on to something new after the luxury automaker recently revealed a new IS that’s entirely made out of cardboard. Now one would think that this is just a static model but this particular sedan is actually drivable as it is powered by an electric motor.

Built by Lexus in less than three months to commemorate the skills of the company’s ‘takumi’ craftsmen and women, the IS was constructed out of 1,700 recyclable laser-cut cardboard sheets. It is not only the sleek exterior that gets the full cardboard treatment as the intricately recreated interior was also made with the same material.

Lexus cardboard 2

Everything from the sharp-looking headlights, wheels, center console and 3-spoke steering wheel were finely-detailed.

Underneath all that cardboard is an aluminum-steel frame and an electric motor which as previously stated, allows the car to be driven.

Lexus cardboard 3

Each cardboard is only 10mm thick and according to Lexus, each sheet has a reference number which allowed the craftsmen to place each sheet in the right place.

The car will officially be making its debut at the 2015 Grand Designs Live Show in Birminghan, UK on October 8, 2015.

Check out the two videos below and see a more detailed view of the car along with its development.

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