Getting a ticket can be a frustrating experience, but that’s no excuse to take out your anguish on the arresting officer.

Unfortunately, this was the case with an incident that happened last Tuesday. A jeepney driver was reprimanded by a traffic officer for obstructing traffic while waiting for passengers along Commonwealth Avenue. The driver sped away toward Quezon Memorial Circle to evade charges while the arresting officer attempted to pursue. By the time the officer reached East Avenue, it turned out, the offending jeepney was behind him.

A Traffic Ranger was assaulted by a PUJ DriverOn or about 1500H today, October 13, 2015. A Traffic Ranger Isabelo Rodavia was assaulted by a PUJ Driver with a Registration Plate Number TWX 106 at QMR-East Avenue.

Video courtesy by: Jerson Guerrero, a concerned citizen.

Commonwealth cor. Quezon Memorial Rotunda (QC Circle), sinita ni Isabelo Rodavia (Traffic Enforcer) ang driver ng jeep na may plakang TWX106 dahil ito ay nakabara sa kalsada habang nagaabang ng mga pasahero. Tinakbuhan na ng driver ang traffic enforcer pero di na niya ito hinabol. Pag ikot ng traffic enforcer sa QMR-East Ave., Di alam ng traffic enforcer na nasa likod na pala niya ang nasabing jeepney driver, pagbaba ng motor ng traffic enforcer, sinunggaban na sya sa likod at doon na sya ginulpi.

Posted by Toffee Militar Ligeralde on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

As the traffic officer, identified as Isabelo Rodavia, got off his bike. He was charged by the jeepney driver and beaten on the street. Fortunately, an individual had a cellphone handy and recorded the entire beating incident. Toffee Militar Ligeralde uploaded the video to facebook and helped authorities identify the PUJ’s plate number.

The offending driver has now been identified and will be charged with direct assault of a person in authority resulting in physical injuries.

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