Science-fiction, modeling, tuner, ratrod culture, and a little post-apocalyptic flair come together in this unique remote control Chevy Blazer made by Danny Huynh for RC4WD. This isn’t your average, highly-detailed remote controlled car best enjoyed in a glass case.

This RC is best enjoyed in motion as modeler and photographer, Hyunh, took a Chevy Blazer kit supplied by RC4WD and turned it into a slammed rat rod drifter. The model is painted in military livery with what looks like an atomic bomb in the truck bed. It also has a supercharged V8 sticking out of its hood. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, the particular creation is driven by what appears to be a T-800 Terminator.

The whole thing moves too, with the intake’s butterfly valves and steering controlled by the Terminator. There’s also matching revving sounds. Did we mention the RC has an air suspension leveling system? Once the RC takes off, notice that the driver also moves his head in the direction of the drift.

Catch the video below.

You can also see more of Danny Hyunh’s wild and wacky creations in his YouTube Channel here.