With the supposedly-soon-to-be-released GT Sport being pushed back to some time in 2017, racing fans on the Playstation may have awhile to wait till they can get behind the Real Driving Simulator. That said however, Alexander Synger may have found a way to quenched his thirst for Gran Turismo while waiting – by making the game out of R/C cars.


In this fairly long clip, Synger not only replicates the races in-game through faithfully replicated R/C cars, he even goes so far as to do the intro, menu screens, displays, and sounds straight off the game. As for the race itself, it features iconic in-game cars such as the Pikes Peak Escudo, Castrol Supra, and the white Ford GT from Gran Turismo 4.


You’d think though that a typical Gran Turismo race on film may get boring thanks to the vacuum cleaner noises the game has long been criticized for. Thankfully Synger was able to inject some proper action into the race by adding crash stunts – and the odd Snake – out on track as well.

While we all may have to wait awhile for GT Sport, at least there’s clips like these to keep us entertained till it arrives!

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