Driving and alcohol don’t mix, but some people take a chance and put lives at risk. A drunk driver on the road presents danger to people, property and, in this case, nature.

In Roselle, Illinois, a police officer was patrolling the streets when he spotted something rather peculiar. He saw a Lincoln Town Car sporting a hood ornament that definitely wasn’t part of the options list when the Town Car first came out. The officer then turned around and ordered the driver to pull over.

In an accident, we’d normally stop our car and assess the damage when we hit something, be it a tree or a sidewalk gutter. However, this particular trunk, sorry, drunk driver carried on, bringing the unsuspecting tree for along for a ride. We are stumped as to how the driver birched the Lincoln, but according to reports, the driver told the officer that she had run into a tree in a nearby town, but couldn’t recall where exactly the accident took place. After a field sobriety test (which she failed), the driver was charged with driving under the influence. The woman was unharmed in the accident but the Lincoln’s condition leaves much to be desired.

We wonder if the officer asked, “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

Photo: Roselle Police Department

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