Scale model car chase

We’ve all enjoyed playing with scale model toy cars in our youth, and every once in a while, played out an exciting car chase.

One collector has taken this to a whole new level by animating a car chase scene using his entire collection. Composed of over 100 1/64 scale cars, as well as a diorama of New York City (complete with streets, signs, and buildings), and shot over 12 days, the 2-minute 45-second film follows a perpetrator in a Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray, chased by NYPD Dodge Charger police cars and a Cadillac CTS VSport (clearly an American muscle car fan).

It’s not your average home video project, as it includes engine sounds, tire screeching, smoke, special effects, and even some camera tricks. Best of all, the video includes some car chase scene tropes as well as a few unexpected yet humorous twists.

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