You’ve heard it again and again; ‘Can’t park, must be a woman’; ‘Drives too slow, must be a woman’; or ‘How’d that crash happen? Must be a woman driving’. Despite the often-reinforced stereotypes, suffice to say this sweeping generalization of the motoring public is rather unfair towards the fairer sex. While women are less inclined towards getting behind the wheel, it’s never safe to assume that they cannot level with – or even best – men when it comes to driving.

Bridgestone seems to agree, as they’ve come up with a way to send a clear message regarding the matter – all while placing road safety at the center of it all. As part of the ‘Safety Begins with Bridgestone’ campaign, the short clip below takes role reversal to new heights to get the point across: Your gender isn’t an excuse nor a reason to be uneducated about road safety.

View the clip below to watch a lady make short work of car care:

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