Own a Nissan Navara? Chances are it came from this factory, the Nissan Bangkok Plant in Thailand. The Nissan plant in Thailand is also Nissan Asia and Oceania’s (A&O) regional headquarters along the plant being A&O’s production hub.

The whole process of building a Navara from steel coils and sheet to the finished product of a pickup is all done in Plant 2 of the Nissan Bangkok Plant. It employs over 1,400 local employees which oversee the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, ensuring the toughness, quality and durability of each vehicle.

Once complete, the Navara is then exported throughout the world in 105 different destinations, which includes the United Kingdom and the United States. The output of the Nissan Navara plant accounts for 57.6% of exports from Thailand, which contributes to Nissan’s growing regional manufacturing footprint.

Nissan’s third generation Navara was officially launched back in 2014, and according to Nissan, as of the moment, it is their best-selling model in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia. According to Nissan, the reason behind the success is due to it being able to accommodate the needs with “superior design for comfort and quality” that drivers look for an light commercial vehicle.

So if you placed an order for Nissan’s pickup, it could have been one of the vehicles being made in the video.

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