Plate covers and frames

Netizens have trooped to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter expressing uproar over the Land Transportation Office (LTO) ban on use of license plate covers, frames and other plate accessories.


Some comments have gone to criticize the agency’s delay in issuance of plates while some have defended their use of the covers or protectors to preserve the condition of their plates and registration stickers.


Some groups have gone as far as organizing a mass rally in LTO offices in opposition the recently updated transport fines and penalties issued by the Department of Transport and Communications (DOTC).

The ruling on the prohibition of use of plate covers and frame was first mentioned in the Motor Vehicle Standardization Program last July 2013.

It states “no other license plate, plate cover, frame may be attached to and/or around the license plate”.

From what we understand from the said order, it also covers banning the use of commemorative license plates, or foreign license plates plates attached to the LTO issued vehicle plates.

pnp apole plate

An advisory issued in August 2013 has informed the public to discontinue use of commemorative license plates.

It states: “As of 31 July 2013, all previous authorities to use commemorative plates have already expired. Therefore, all commemorative plates installed in motor vehicles are invalid and should no longer be displayed.”

Commemorative plate ad

However, several individuals are still engaged in selling commemorative license plates on social media sites, forums and online classified ads websites claiming the license plates come with letter of authorization from the LTO and Philippine police related organizations. Some even claiming circumvention from traffic rules like number coding.

As reported on, the LTO is planning to conduct a mass operation to apprehend motorists using the said prohibited license plate accessories. Violators will be fined Php5,000, with the accessories confiscated by the agency.

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