Bring out the shell suits and Motorola brick phones, two examples of an 80’s icon are up for sale. The Ferrari Testarossa will always be remembered in pop culture as the car from Miami Vice. It has become synonymous with the 80’s and an icon of retro culture.

This coming May 23, two mint Testarossas will be auctioned by Silverstone Auctions as a part of their May Sale. The two Ferraris are to be sold are 1986 and 1994 models. Both have the 4.9 liter Flat-12 which pushes 395 PS.

'94 Testa

The F512M was the last hurrah of the Testarossa. The 1994 F512M for auction is one of only 501 made. The auctioneers expect the rare Ferrari to range from 280,000 GBP to 330,000 GBP.

The 1986 model is said to be “one of the earliest and rarest of all Testarossas” according to the auctioneers and comes with the desirable flying mirror. It was first sent to Switzerland that year and was bought by the current owner in 2004 and was registered in 2006. It currently has 72420 kilometers on the clock and is expected to fetch between 80,000 GBP to 100,000 GBP.

Source: Silverstone Auctions

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