The Two Point Zero (TPZ) enthusiasts group recently celebrated their 3rd anniversary with a member’s show and shine in Pasay City. More than fifty cars comprised of mostly ST191 Toyota Coronas and 3S-powered Toyotas arrived.


More than 60 members of the “TPZ family” (as the group likes to be referred to) joined in to celebrate the occasion with food and drinks as they exchanged stories about cars and just about anything under the sun.

Seeing so many of the two-decade old tenth generation Corona in excellent condition and various states of tune was quite an experience. This truly shows the passion of the members with their cars as well as their TPZ family. Their Facebook Group has grown to a little over 1,000 members since we last featured them on’s Parking Lot.

Those looking to be part of the TPZ family can check out the twopointzero Toyota ST191 enthusiasts on Facebook.

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