As children, perhaps many of us have been overly excited to get behind the wheel of a car already. Back then our only options were to play video games, build a soapbox derby car, or just plain daydream.

Now however, kids have various options for electric cars to choose from. And while these toys are viable for the scale of children, Tesla has been the only one successful at making actual electric cars available for all the big boys and girls.

So what if Tesla decided to make their adult-sized cars for children? Wouldn’t they be able to make something even better than all other electric toy cars given their knowledge? The people from Radio Flyer – yes, the ones who make those red wagons with handles to pull kids with – appear to think so too, and that is why they’ve collaborated to bring your kids this: The Tesla Model S by Radio Flyer.

Tesla 1

Powered by a 140 Wh lithium ion battery, the tot-sized Model S works pretty much the same way a standard Model S works, albeit on a smaller and very basic scale. For an extra $50 you can also get a 190 Wh battery that promises “50% more playtime”.

The Model S comes with a bunch of nifty features for the tech-savvy child too. A plug for your kid’s phone can play music through its spacious interior’s sound system. The trunk stores the lithium ion battery and has a toggle that switches the car from low speed (4.8 km/h) to high speed (9.6 km/h).

Much like the actual Model S, the kid sized version also has the car’s signature front trunk, or frunk to store small items like footballs, toys, or perhaps candies from trick or treating!

The Model S for kids comes in three shades that actually come standard on an adult’s Model S: Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, and Red Multi-Coat

Options are available as well such as a personalized plate ($15), Turbine Wheels ($15), ‘Tesla Parking Only’ sign ($25), and a form-fitted car cover ($50).

The shipping for this cute toy starts on May 2016, and can be yours (rather, your kid’s) for $499 (Php 23,750)

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