Elon Musk Hyperloop

Looks like Tesla’s Elon Musk isn’t too happy about the recently-approved California ‘high speed’ train. In the blog post of the Tesla CEO, Chairman, and Product Architect, he pointed out his disappointment over the lack of speed and cost efficiency.

While he praised the idea of a statewide mass transit system as an alternative to driving and flying, he listed components of what his ideal transport should be (in verbatim):

  1. Safer
  2. Faster
  3. Lower cost
  4. More convenient
  5. Immune to weather
  6. Sustainably self-powering
  7. Resistant to earthquakes
  8. Not disruptive to those along the route

Musk continued his blog post by remarking against the absence of a short distance demonstration system to transport the public. He believes that despite transit ideas coming up, all of these systems have one or more ‘fatal flaws’ that hinder them from further development.

He suggested the Hyperloop as the ‘right’ solution to travel across cities that are less than 1,500km apart. He suspects that supersonic air travel will be a faster and cheaper alternative. Given the right altitude and geometry, the Hyperloop will be a quiet supersonic plane that connects long distance cities without a need for a new infrastructure.

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