Considering the augmented reality take on catching fictional monsters will get people walking, it is inevitable that accidents may be attributed to Nintendo and Niantic’s Pokemon Go. Despite countless warnings and advisories posted all over as well as in the game itself, a good number of wannabe Pokemon Trainers cannot be stopped from chasing the mythical creatures; Even if it puts their lives at risk.

One such ‘trainer’ would be 15-year old Autumn Deiseroth, who unfortunately got hit by a car after crossing a four lane road in Pennsylvania. Having suffered minor injuries, she was discharged from the hospital after an overnight stay. While it is sad that Deiseroth got hit by a car, she then proceeds to blame the game for the mishap. She explained to Pittsburgh’s WTAE that she never would have gone to the museum if it wasn’t for the game.

Her mother, Tracy Nolan, also blames the game, telling the station “This thing had her crossing the highway to chase a Pokemon.” She also added that her daughter is a “hermit” and “I blamed the game because she would not have been out of the house (otherwise).”


Despite the nature of the game’s mechanics however, ultimately nothing forced Deiseroth to cross the road other than her desire to be the very best that no one ever was. That said, ultimately the only things that could take the blame would either be the driver or Deiseroth herself.

This incident isn’t the first time someone got into a mishap over Pokemon Go since it’s release earlier this month. A 28-year old in Auburn, New York got involved in a crash when he was driving while simultaneously playing the game.

Of course, it goes without saying that while the Pokemon Go will give you all the freedom to ‘catch ‘em all’, fair caution will go a long way.

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