Following Kazunori Yamauchi’s announcement regarding the delay of GT Sport’s release, it appears several individuals who have purchased a digital pre-order of the game have received more bad news. Apparently messages were sent by Sony themselves to players’ Playstation Network (PSN) accounts informing them of a cancellation on their pre-orders.

Despite any delays in release dates, under normal circumstances Sony does not cancel pre-orders for any pending games. This move by Sony then is a rather rare instance, and thus poses a big question for many who have been anticipating Gran Turismo’s iteration on the Playstation 4. While Yamauchi did confirm that the release will be pushed back sometime in 2017, no specified date has been set for the release. In their message to gamers’ PSN accounts, Sony did indicate however that pre-orders will once again be opened once a final date has been announced.

Here is a sample of the message you may likely receive from Sony if you pre-ordered digitally.

“Thank you for pre-ordering Gran Turismo Sport from PlayStation®Store. On 30th August 2016 we regrettably announced that the release of Gran Turismo Sport has been delayed until 2017. We do not have a new release date at this time. We have, therefore, decided to cancel your pre-order and refund your pre-order payment. This refund may take up to 7-10 days to be processed. Please keep a record of this message for future reference.

Once we have a new release date for Gran Turismo Sport we will offer a revised pre-order for it on the PlayStation®Store at the earliest opportunity. Thank you for your custom and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.”

While the digital pre-orders were indeed cancelled, it appears local retailers have no issue with regards to taking pre-orders for GT Sport despite delays.

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