Dogs are not just your best friend. They can enrich your life in many ways, making you happier, more responsible and even healthier. Dogs can even be your number fan, a loyal guard and your best travel buddy.

With that in mind, Chevrolet PH in collaboration with BetterDog Canine Behavior Center held an event called Travel Trails wherein they aim to educate dog lovers who wish to take their dog on a road trip.

Without further ado, here are seven tips that you need to know before you go on a road trip with your well-loved dog.

Conduct a practice session

Before going on a road trip, BetterDog President Jojo Isorena said that you should conduct a practice session in order to assess your dog’s behavior inside the car. To do this, Isorena suggests that you should take your dog for short distance drive.

Place your dog inside a crate

While traveling, it’s best to place your dog inside a crate. However, you should first teach your dog that being inside a crate would be fun. Don’t just lock up your dog inside it because some of them might be uncomfortable. To eliminate this feeling, you should provide the dog with a positive reinforcement such as feeding him/her in the crate. In this way, your dog will consider the crate as a restaurant (sort of). However, dogs should not have anything in the stomach three hours prior to travel.

Safety is your primary concern

If your pet doesn’t fit inside a crate, BetterDog recommends you to buy a dog car harness like the ones from EzyDog. This harness ensures your dog’s safety while he/she is seated in the back seat. Simply attach the harness to your car’s existing seat belts to keep your dog in place.


Make a pit stop

Like us, dogs need to have a bathroom break. Isorena says that you should make a pit stop every 3 hours to relax your dog and do his/her stuff.

Plan your trip

When you’re going on a vacation with your pet, it’s best to double check if the place you’re going to is dog-friendly. Find a hotel, a restaurant and other establishments that consider dogs as guests.

Never leave your dog inside the car

As with children, never leave your dog inside the car. On a sunny day, a parked vehicle can become hot in no time. With this, your dog may suffer from heatstroke. In addition, unattended pets can be stolen.

Bring a recent photo of your dog

A recent photo of your dog will come handy in case your pet accidentally got separated from you.


With these tips in mind, you and your dog is set to have a sweet escape. And oh, don’t forget to bring a camera in order to snap a photo of you and your pet. Enjoy the adventure.

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