Putting a Rolls-Royce on a race track would imply that one owns the race track rather than actually running the it. Even more unusual is putting a Rolls-Royce in a hillclimb event. These ultra-luxurious cars are renowned for their magic carpet ride and supreme refinement, something supercars will offer you as an optional extra or maybe not offer it at all.

Still, that didn’t stop the boys from Crewe to give it a shot with their coupe, the Wraith. On paper, the Wraith is more suited cruising Beverly Hills or storming through the Autobahn. The Wraith is over five meters long, almost two meters wide and weighs more than a first generation Ford Expedition at 2,440 kilograms (the 1997 Expedition weighs 2,348 kilograms). With those numbers, the Wraith doesn’t exactly sound sporty.

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Motivating nearly two and a half tons of luxury is provided by a 6.6 liter V12 with 632 PS which is certainly more than enough for this leather-lined behemoth. Imagine then the reaction when the Wraith actually finished the 1.86 km long course in 57.21 seconds which bested the Bentley Continental GT which did 60.65 seconds and the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale Centennial Edition which did 59.00 seconds.

The biggest surprise however is the Wraith besting the Porsche 918 Spyder’s time of 61.37 seconds although it’s safe to assume the Porsche hypercar wasn’t going all out all the way. Still, a Rolls Royce beating a Porsche hypercar will always make for a good laugh.

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