Whether he actually knows his cars or he’s just after the wild style of Kaido racers, it looks like Rich Chigga has the approval of Japanese car enthusiasts with his vehicle of choice in his new video.

If you’re keen on following the young upcoming Indonesian rapper, you may recall the remix of “Dat $tick” featuring a Kenmeri Skyline at the center of an arrangement of Dekatora trucks. Nice cameo and all, but now his new single, “Who That Be”, features a heavily modified C210 1977 Nissan Skyline throughout the clip. The first thing you may notice with the car are the rather wide fenders, big wing, and that exaggeratedly protruded exhaust – These are all modifications that make up the Kaido/Zokusha theme of the Skyline.

A Kaido racer-themed car is usually an exaggerated version of 70’s racecars. Back in the day people wanted to replicate the racecars they see on the track, thus they took to their own cars and modified them with large fenders, wheels, and big wings. Throw in a little ‘Bosozoku’ (Biker Gang) influence in there and you get the wild exhaust tips and fancy racing livery that you see mixed in to make the imposing look of a true Kaido Racer.

Will Rich Chigga continue his theme of using retro Japanese cars throughout his videos? We certainly hope so.

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