Last November 26-27, the CAP Convention Center was filled by modified and classics cars, as Baguio Auto Fest held their 2nd year at Camp John Hay.

From Japanese icons to Euro classics, there were a lot of automobiles to gaze at, to satisfy the eyes and hearts of the car enthusiasts of the North. Modified Japanese cars dominated the show with high-revving engines and bass blasting sound systems.

High-performance cars also made their presence felt during the Auto Fest, including a new generation Ford Mustang, and a Dodge Challenger. With the off-road scene stronger than ever, lifted trucks and 4x4s were, quite literally, overseeing the crowds.

It wasn’t just modified cars that were part of the show. Manufacturers, such as Toyota, Hyundai and Nissan also participated in the festivites by displaying their latest cars on offer.

For motorcycle fans, some participants made their own scene by bringing in their modified bikes. Underbone bikes stole the show but big bike owners also had a strong attendance with their pocket rockets.

During the two day event, the organizers set up entertainment for the visitors. On first day, there was a B-boy dance competition which saw slick moves from the participants. Day two saw a vape competition, as well as an RC car drift competition later in the afternoon. The bazaar also let participants and visitors alike to go shopping for apparel, food and pasalubong.

Want to see more of the event? Check out the gallery below to see more of the happenings, modified cars and upgraded bikes that graced the show

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