A wild police chase in Colorado resembling a Grand Theft Auto video game scenario and was caught on tape by NBC news. Reports say the man allegedly stole an SUV with a child inside from a gas station. After the video game like pursuit, Ryan Stone, 28,  is now facing multiple charges that includes striking a state trooper and carjacking numerous cars. This suggests that Stone is either a really dangerous person or he just simply loves Grand Theft Auto so much that he intends to try it in real life.

The incident began when a 2008 Red Ford Edge with a four year old boy inside went missing from a gas station. With this, the police radioed in the Amber Alert to find the carjacked vehicle along with the child. The suspect later on abandoned the red SUV and the child, but carjacked another vehicle, a gold minivan. On board the gold minivan, Stone ruthlessly drove and didn’t care if he bumps other cars. When the gold minivan got wrecked, Stone carjacked a third vehicle in which he threw the driver to the ground. He eventually collided with a car at an intersection.

Watch the video to see the real life Grand Theft Auto pursuit:

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