The automotive world has lost yet another supercar as an owner of a rare Porsche 959 managed to flip his car upside down in Geneva, Switzerland.

Porsche only made 337 units of the Group B rally car turned road legal automobile and this one is in real bad shape after its kevlar roof was reduced to a crumpled mess along with busted taillights and damaged fenders.

As for the cause of the unfortunate incident, witnesses state that the car was going too fast on a very wet section of the road which caused the driver to lose control of the car, hit the guardrail and finally land on its roof.

Porsche 959 2

Hopefully the car be repaired to its former glory but we’re guessing it is going to cost quite a fortune since it is such a technologically-advanced car in the 80s and was only built in small numbers.

If the body can’t be saved, we sure hope that the 2.9-liter turbocharged flat-six and AWD system is somehow salvageable.

Source: AutoGespot Netherlands

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