Since Apple released a fully revamped messenger app in the new iOS 10, users can now create and upload their own stickers to spruce up their messages. That said, it appears someone had the right idea to inject some proper automotive content into text – by way of a Porsche sticker pack.


Hosting a collection of 60 Porsches, the highly detailed sticker pack is the work of Texas-based designer Kevin McCauley. Given the breadth of content that will satisfy any Porsche afficionado, it’s safe to say that McCauley is well versed with the Stuttgart marque.

The pack contains every relevant model from Porsche, with a plethora of 911s, 356es, Caymans, Boxsters, and even oddballs like the 914, 928, and 944. Among the more notable cars featured are all 18 Porsches that won the 24 hours of Le Mans as well as an RUF CTR “Yellowbird”.


While McCauley’s content is currently isolated to Porsches, he promises that designs for other marques may well be underway. For now however, at least gearheads will have a plethora of Porsches to fiddle with till more designs turn up.

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