Are you an audiophile? Do you love Porsches? Do you have deep pockets to show your love for Stuttgartt’s finest? If you said yes to all three, the folks from Porsche Design has something for you.

Porsche Design has had a long line of premium “lifestyle accessories” for the car enthusiasts. From Shades, shoes, furniture and even kitchen knives, Porsche Design has made enough products to furnish a house.

911 soundbar 1

This time, they have unveiled their newest product: The 911 Soundbar.

Taking its shape from the 911 GT3’s dual exhaust system and rear silencer, it is turned into a 200-watt, 2.1 audio system with DTS TruSurround virtual surround signal processing which, Porsche Design says, gives a deeper and louder sound experience. To experience audio by GT3, you can pair your audio device (phone, MP3 player) via Bluetooth.

911 soundbar 2

It also gets an LED display mounted in the center with a Dolby digital decoder for higher sound quality. A remote is also included, allowing the user can control the volume, bass, and switch between the available inputs.

So, how much for this piece of Porsche engineering fused with audio delight? These speakers will set you back  $3,140 (PhP 150,515).

It’s a pretty heavy sum but the company did say there is currently a waiting list for the 911 Soundbar and the first batch of orders will be delivered in March.

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