A barely new 2014 Porsche Cayenne was found abandoned along Conneticut Street in San Juan for the past three days with the keys inside the car and the doors unlocked.

Senior Inspector Melchor Rosales, deputy chief of San Juan police said that the abandoned Cayenne caught the attention of the parking attendant, who subsequently report it to the authorities.

A DZMM reporter said that the abandoned Cayenne was a rental car. We went a bit further and found out that the car was on lease through a bank and not a rental, as they reported it to be. A Porsche Cayenne SUV retails for PHP6,850,000.

Through a reliable source who wishes to be anonymous, the car was apparently leased to a businessman who is now at large and has fled the country due to numerous liabilities. The car, which was due to be repossessed by the bank because of nonpayment,  was reportedly assigned to an associate who just decided to leave the vehicle to avoid further questions.

Watch the full news report below.

What will you do if you find an abandoned Porsche Cayenne unlocked with the keys inside?

Source: abs-cbnnews.com

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