If owning a Porsche 911 has been your biggest dream but your current financial situation just won’t allow that, well, you could settle sitting your behind on the – I kid you not – Porsche 911 Office Chair RS.

This is exactly the same seat that you’ll find in the current Porsche 911 Carrera GTS and GT3, and might virtually be the best office chair out there in the market, which could even boost your office stock with major plus points.


It is 4-way electronically adjustable – seat height, electrical backrest powered by a rechargeable battery, adjustable armrests, a jacket hook on the rear and best of all, the Porsche crest displayed on the headrest.

The seat material is a mix of leather and Porsche Alcantara with contrasting red stitching while the shell is made of grey-silver composite.

For added comfort, whether on soft or hard floors, 5 castors make up the base.p3

It weighs 35 kilos and is made in Germany.

The Porsche 911 Office Chair RS is surely the next best thing to getting behind the wheel of the real thing.


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