It’s been a while since a Gran Turismo game came out. The most recent installment, Gran Turismo 6, first came out three years ago and, with GT’s resistance to DLCs, let’s just say the car lineup is a little long in the tooth now.

Polyphony Digital, the developers behind Gran Turismo, has given us an even more detailed look at the upcoming game in the franchise, GT Sport. We’ve seen the trailer a year ago but the developers have just released another one, just in time for the spirit of season and joy of joys, it looks amazing.

In this trailer, we see that we get pretty amazing set of new road cars, race cars and rally cars. The 4K resolution highlights the details on the cars, as well as the surroundings and the courses and HDR brings out the lighting to a more realistic level. Judging by the other cars seen in this particular trailer, it appears that you can turn any car you purchase into a race car, bringing back memories of the “Racing Modification” upgrade from the first Gran Turismo game and Gran Turismo 2.

We’ve sampled an early version of GT Sport during the elimination rounds of GT Academy and there are several noticeable differences. Weight shift is more pronounced, and so is sidewall flex. Sudden movements of the steering wheel are punished with a trip to the wall and you have to be more mindful of braking. Of course, what we tried isn’t the final version so there may be changes by the time it’s released.

If anything, this trailer makes us more excited for the new Gran Turismo game. Here’s to hoping we get the game right away and not go through various Prologue versions or encounter a series of launch delays. Then again, if pushing pack the official release date means more realism in the final product, we’re probably more willing to wait.

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