Racing games and smart phones don’t seem to mix very well. The usual idea of tilting the phone left and right to steer becomes quite nauseating, and every single game tries to better the other with better graphics, fancier cars, or “better” physics. This whole exercise has the avid car enthusiast more often than not steering away from racing games on a smartphone, but perhaps this new game by Studio Furukawa might change their minds.

Car Pixel 3

Enter Pixel Car Racer, a retro-styled drag racing game centered around pixelated versions of various cars. While the game’s graphics isn’t up to par with the next handheld racing game, its pixel car illustrations easily appeal to those who’ve yearned to once again play a game similar to that on an old console like a NES or Super Famicom. Underneath the not-so-serious graphics of the game however, are mechanics that will tickle the fancy of any aftermarket tuning fan.

A plethora of parts and upgrades can play host to more than 20+ vehicles, allowing for an infinite amount of versions of any car. Wheels, body kits, height adjustment, and many other parts will allow for the creation of your dream car in all its pixelated glory.

Car Pixel 4

While the game is focused on straight-line drag racing (and a separate – albeit empty – highway race mode), the nitty gritty behind clocking the fastest quarter mile gets deep; Enough to get you googling what a ‘gear ratio’ is, if you don’t know what it is (or how vital it is) already. That, plus the fact that the timing of every shift is crucial, makes every quick race that bit more interesting than your usual ‘grinding’ for in-game currency.

Since its rather recent July 23rd release, Pixel Car Racer still has loads of content that have yet to be relased. Given the game already has plenty to tinker with despite being in its early stages, it appears more productivity will be lost for lots of gearheads out there for the months to come.

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