It’s not everyday that a car company will rake in a one million sales figure for a specific model.

The guys and gals over in Toyota South Africa were pleased that they were able to sell their one-millionth Hilux to a local businessman. The one-millionth Hilux was nothing special as it was a previous-generation single cab model fitted with the 3.0-liter 1KD-FTV that is then mated to a 4WD system.

Hilux 2

To make the business milestone more memorable, the company then thought up of making a one-off Hilux that essentially became the road legal variant of their 5.0-liter off-road racing Hilux.

Toyota Motorsport boss Glyn Hall was tasked in making it a reality and the first idea he thought for the celebratory Hilux was fitting it with the same 5.0-liter V8 sourced from the Lexus IS F sports sedan. The use of the Lexus V8 was a no brainer to begin with as it was the same engine that the company also used in driving their off-road racers.

Hilux 3

Other modifications applied on the high-performance V8 include: Dakar-spec inlet manifold and wiring harness, a Pectel Cosworth engine management system, tubular exhaust system and a racing dual clutch plate.

Since the IS F’s engine is strictly a RWD motor, Toyota Motorsport modified the sump to allow for an AWD system. In addition, the company also installed modified front and rear differentials and re-calibrated the gear ratios.

In total, the 5.0-liter V8 pushes out 455 PS, making it the most powerful production Hilux to date.

Hilux 4

Originally meant to be a one-off milestone vehicle, Toyota South Africa may have to make it into a proper production high-performance pickup as the company is reportedly receiving calls from clients asking how much would they have to pay for such a vehicle.

Toyota South Africa better think of something fast as the project pickup originally cost $72,150 (about PhP 3.4 million).

Source: IOL South Africa

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