Volvo XC90 on glass bridge

In a bid to prove that the new glass bridge of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon can easily hold the weight of commonfolk, Chinese officials decided that something way heavier than a person should cross the bridge to prove its capacity. In this case, they used a second-gen Volvo XC90 – allegedly loaded with 11 individuals – to cross the bridge. While there’s no footage of the people getting in and out of the car, many reports indicate that there were 11 individuals plus the driver inside the vehicle.

As for the bridge itself, the glass bridge spanning the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, which stands at 300 meters high and 430 meters long, can allegedly claim the title of the world’s longest glass bridge. Work on the bridge was recently completed this spring, with people working on it saying that it is capable of holding the weight of up to 800 people at once. To further prove its durability, the officials allowed 20 people armed with 5.5kg sledgehammers to mash at a part of the bridge before the Volvo crossed it.

The bridge features three layers of glass, with each layer 15mm thick. Judging from the video attached, the people armed with sledgehammers were able to leave cracks on the top layer. After that though, the two-ton XC90 still crossed the bridge to further prove the point.

The $69 million bridge at Tianmenshan Forest Park was slated to open last May, however rainfall has delayed its grand opening to next month.

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