Who would you expect to be behind the wheel of an i8? Typically celebrities or wealthy individuals. In Poland, however, the least expected drivers of a hybrid sports car were spotted as they get into their BMW i8.

Motorcyclists going around the village of Swinice Warckie did not think that a nun (or nuns for this matter) would have access to such a vehicle. So when they spotted these nuns getting into their unconventional vehicle, they immediately grabbed the chance to capture the moment and later on, post it online. Perhaps it’s to do God’s work with more speed and efficiency?

BMW Group first released the BMW i8 in 2013 as the second model from their new hybrid electric sub-brand, i, and considered to be the first plug-in hybrid that features the latest development of their Efficient Dynamics technology. Aside from these, it also features a TwinPower Turbo 3-cylinder combustion engine and innovative electric motor producing 362 PS and 569 Nm of torque. With these, the BMW i8 exhibits performance characteristics of a pure bred sports car from unconventional power sources.

Rumor says that the company might revamp the BMW i8’s power soon. Meanwhile, no known information about the nuns were stated in the caption or even whether the spotted BMW i8 is a church property or the nuns are really just car enthusiasts.

Source: BMW blog

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