In most cases, humans are wired to be persistent. Despite of all the hindrances, one’s passion will never be cease. No matter how big the stakes are, we still go all out even though we’re in doubt.

In Cuba, buying or selling cars is illegal without government approval. There were also few new cars brought into the country. Moreover, racing is deemed illegal by the communist Cuban government due to its status as a dangerous and elitist sport.

But racing and car enthusiasts from Cuba embodies the trait of being persistent. They leave everything behind to satisfy their urge for speed and fast cars. Even a communist government can’t hold down the passion and spirit of Cuban car enthusiasts.

A documentary entitled Havana Motor Club aims to tell the story of Cuba’s illegal drag racing scene and the efforts of the Cuban Federation of Motoring and Karting to organize an official racing championship.

However, the documentary isn’t done yet and its creators are raising money on kickstarter to complete it.

Watch the video to see the trailer of the Havana Motor Club.

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