The ability to buy a car comes with its share of responsibilities. You need a proper parking space for it. Since you can’t just buy a car and fail to consider other users of the road; pedestrians and other motorists alike. An Vinod Kumar from India has thought of an ingenious solution to his parking problem.

What appears to be a rather odd contraption stowed away in storage underneath a staircase is making its rounds on the internet lately. A man opening a foldable gate reveals some kind of makeshift ramp inside the tiny space. You’d think it odd that there’s a ramp in there, right in a space where nothing can actually drive up into it, though we’re not done yet.

The man then goes inside the staircase and presses a switch. Suddenly his genius starts to unfold right before your eyes: the switch appears to unlock a mechanism that allows the ramp to slide outwards onto the sidewalk. The man then goes into his tiny hatchback, reverses it up into the ramp, and tucks the car away snugly into the space underneath his staircase.

It appears as if the device had do dig into the sidewalk a bit, considering the guides that the ramp has to roll on and the fact that the leveling of the sidewalk was matched with the “garage” to make way for the ramp. While it appears to be a completely custom job that will only work with that particular vehicle, we certainly could take an idea out of this man with regards to space saving.

That old saying that goes, Necessity is the mother of Invention fits right into the bill for this one.

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