While cold weather is seldom – and frequently sought after – here in the Philippines, Japan is well in the middle of their winter season. With such climate comes the necessity for shelter, and while humans have the convenience of houses, heaters, and technology, felines for the most part would have to improvise.

Cats generally have a penchant for squeezing themselves into tight spaces as this gives them a sense of security and comfort. Having snow and freezing winds surround them, naturally they would have to be drawn towards enclosed spaces that are heated. Now where could they find spaces like that?

Thanks to an engine’s inherent generation of heat, and a host of bits and bobs like suspension and tires to cling onto, stray cats would find themselves home inside a parked car’s engine bay or on top of its wheel. This in itself is harmless, but could prove fatal for the cat if the car suddenly started and drove off while it slept.

nissan neko 1

That said, Nissan launched the ‘Neko Bang Bang’ campaign to remind the public to first knock on their bonnets and check their wheel wells for cats before setting off. To help get the cause out there, Nissan will raffle off 100 pieces of their logo’s sticker magnets to those who’ve signed up for their petition online as well as using the hashtag #猫バンバン (#nekobangbang) to allow people to share their experiences with this peculiar occurrence.

Despite not being in the coldest of places, perhaps we ought to check our cars now and then for any feline residents too!

Save one of a cat’s nine lives, knock on hood.

Comic: animalive.me

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