Grand Theft Auto and other Hollywood action films might have influenced a lot of people.

One of which is the driver of the stolen Tesla, who crashed into several light poles and split the vehicle in half.

You got that right, the Tesla split in half.

According to Los Angeles Police Department, a pursuit involving a stolen Tesla began around 2 a.m. at West Hollywood.

Moreover, witness reports state that the Tesla was traveling at 100 mph (161 km/h) before smashing into several light poles and hitting other vehicles including a Honda with several people inside.

As a result, the rear end part of the Tesla was wedged between two buildings and the front section of the vehicle landed in the street. Afterwhich, the batteries of the vehicle burst into flames.

Amazingly, the driver of the stolen Tesla survived the crash and currently in a critical condition. One other person is also reported in critical condition.

Watch the full news report of KTLA 5 below.

Image: KTLA

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