The Chinese car industry isn’t exactly flowing with original designs. After the LandWind X7, almost everybody thought nobody can top its blatantly copied styling from the Range Rover Evoque.The X7 is by far the best car designed with the use of tracing paper. Not to be outdone, Zotye ditched the tracing paper and replaced their designers for a photocopying machine.

Chinese Macan 2

Say hello to the Zotye T700. Set to go on sale next year, Zotye’s crossover can be easily mistaken for a Porsche Macan. Upon closer inspection, it will still be mistaken for a Porsche Macan. The only giveaway the T700 has is a “Z” badge on the hood and a T700 badge on the tailgate. Even its exhaust pipes are a dead ringer for the Macan.

Chinese Macan 3

The biggest difference between the T700 and the Macan is the price. The T700 starts at 170,000 Yuan (about Php 1.2M) while the Porsche Macan sells for 558,000 (about Php 4.1M) Yuan in China.

Since its the Duanwu Festival season, we’ll call it the Machang.

Source: Autohome China

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