Yes that is a Mazda RX-7, well what’s left of it to be exact.

Much like alcohol and driving, reckless driving and highly-tuned cars also don’t go hand in hand. This recent wreck in Thailand just proved our point once again.

RX crash 2

Formula Drift Asia driver Aleksandar Kantarovski gathered images of the horrifying crash in Thailand and according to him, the driver of the blue RX-7 was recklessly weaving through the tight streets at more than 200 km/h.

RX crash 3

The joyride then takes a dark turn as the driver appeared to have lost control of his rotary-powered machine and ‘wrapped’ the car around a pole.

RX crash 4

The impact was so violent that the entire front section of the car broke off along with some other bits. The condition of the driver is unknown though in one of the images, the alleged driver can be seen slumped beside his wrecked RX-7.

Would you believe that the pile of scrap of metal that used to be an RX-7 used to look immaculate?

RX crash 5

Too bad the car had to suffer for it because of a driver’s recklessness.

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